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Thinking of joining Washington Ski Touring Club?

Get an idea of our trips from the Trips & Meetings Calendar. Day trips are open to non-members. Overnight trips are open only to members. We hope the Trips & Meetings Calendar will get you intrigued enough to join the Club.  Please also note that many day trips are arranged at the last minute as snow conditions warrant and often are posted only through the member Forum and will not appear on the Trips Calendar.


What does membership cost?

Individual membership is $10 per year.  Household membership is $15 per year.

How do I renew?
Look for the renewal red circle near your name at the login location (upper right on the screen).  It will appear if you have NOT yet renewed your membership.  If you have, the circle will disappear. 

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, credit card is the preferred method -- credit card payments, and corresponding Club membership, are effective in one day.  

Can I give a membership as a gift?

Yes, the process is the same as signing up, but use the recipient's name and contact information.


What are some typical trips that the Club runs?

Typical day trips would be:

  • Cabin Creek Sno-Park which has groomed tracks appropriate for beginner to intermediate skiers. Suitable for a 2-4 hour outing.
  • Tronsen Ridge at Blewett Pass which is a backcountry trip suited to intermediate backcountry gear and skills. Typically a long day involving 2 hours driving each way and 4-6 hours of skiing. 
Typical overnight trips would be:
  • Leavenworth area with skiing on groomed tracks near town and at the Lake Wenatchee State Park. Suitable for beginner to intermediate skiers. Appropriate for both classic and skate skiing in most cases although the trip leader can specify. Lodging in a moderate price motel and meals at restaurants.
  • Manning Provincial Park with skiing available both on groomed tracks and backcountry. All skills levels and types of skis can find suitable terrain here. Lodging typically shared in cabins and meals prepared and shared together.

How many people go on a typical day trip?

Anywhere from 4-12 would be typical for a day trip.  We try to carpool and it is set up informally among the people going on the trip.


What is the cost of trips?

On day trips, riders in a carpool are expected to pay the driver a fair share the cost of driving. Consider that the driver may also have had to purchase a SnoPark permit. Other than those costs, another cost would be if the group decides to stop for a snack or meal. Also, in some groomed areas, there is a trail pass fee which each member should pay on his/her own.
On overnight trips, the costs can vary widely depending on lodging, meals, and driving costs. Trip coordinators will give an estimate of the costs and will usually require an advance payment for the fixed costs. If you cancel after reserving and paying for a space on the trip, you won't get that money returned unless someone else takes your place.


What do you get for being a member?

Members get full access to the website resources which includes: (1) trip listings, (2) discussion forums on topics such as gear for sale, snow conditions, Sno Park issues, and trip reports, (3) email alerts about last minute trips that are being organized because there are great ski conditions.

How do I join WSTC?