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How Can I Find the Club's Trips?

Inspect the  Trip and Meeting Calendar for a listing of planned trips. Day trips will be visible to non-members. For weekend and multi-day trips, please note that if you are not a member, you will see the title of the trip but not all the details -- we encourage you to join WSTC to be eligible for these weekend and multi-day trips. 

The vast majority of day trips are arranged through the "Impromptu Trips Forum" which is available only to members. There are very few day trips that are scheduled far enough in advance to be listed on the calendar -- we respond to snow conditions and weather forecast for arranging day trips.

How do I know if I got onto the trip or on to a waiting list?

Multi-day trips frequently have more applicants than space available and registering for a trip does not guarantee a spot. The trip organizer should contact you to confirm status or you may contact him/her. Also note that PAYMENT by the deadline is usually critical to retaining your spot on a trip roster. The goal of the club is to make spaces available to all members on an equitable basis. Some trip organizers will use “order of when the deposit checks arrive” method of determining the roster.   Other trip organizers will use a lottery to determine the roster.  When a trip has a waiting list or lottery, trip organizers have some discretion who gets on the roster in order to ensure filling the rooms/beds. 


When the snow is great, how can I get together a last minute trip?

In the  Impromptu Trips Forum section, start a thread with the trip you want to go on. Include location, meeting place and time. Ask people to respond directly to you rather than the whole Club. Also, check the Forum to see any responses you might have missed in your email. Contact those members who respond to confirm their participation.


Trip Organizers: How to create a new trip

1. Consider a location and date or dates for the trip you want to organize. Contact one of the Trip Coordinators if you want info or advice on destinations and logistics or consult the Places to Ski pages to find a desirable destination
2. Determine the difficulty level by using the  Skills and Equipment tables as a guide

3. Submit your trip information to one of the Trip Coordinators for listing on the website.

Submit the following information to the Trip Coordinator: date, location, meeting place, lodging if applicable, cost, difficulty

    Once you submit all the information listed above, the Trip Coordinator will list it on the "Trips and Meetings" calendar on our website .

    Trip Participation:
    Participation in WSTC overnight trips is limited to club members. Day trips are open to guests and members. Register for trips by using the "Trips and Meetings" calendar or contacting the Trip Organizer. As a courtesy to trip organizers and other members, trip organizers expect to receive prompt notification from any trip participant who must cancel.
    Trip Payments and Cancellations:
    Expenses for trips are shared equally by all participants including the organizer. Carpooling is important and the club suggest that each rider will reimburse the driver at a rate that covers more than merely the cost of gas (Sno-Park permit, tire wear, insurance). Organizers of overnight trips generally require full payment of lodging costs at the time the trip list is finalized. Advance payments or deposits for trips are usually non-refundable, unless a replacement is found. Please make any requested payments by due dates or you risk being dropped from the trip.

    Trip Roster:
     For basic safety, trip organizers must ask participant to list their name and emergency contact on the trip roster at the trail head. Print a roster here Trip roster and emergency contact info

    Show your appreciation:
    Trip organizers are volunteers and in the case of multi-day trips are typically fronting their own money for deposits and reservations, so be nice to them!  If you are uncertain about whether you have the skiing ability to enjoy (not just survive) a trip -- discuss it with the trip organizer -- they will be able to give you more details about the terrain, route and expected conditions to help you compare the trip to your prior experience so that you can decide whether to undertake the trip.