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Washington Ski Touring Club

Fun Photos

Check out the fun photos from the Manning ski trip and recent Nordic Patrol weekends in "Photo Albums"

Board for Next Season

At the April 4 meeting, these people were elected for the 2014-2015 Board. 
President - George Whyel
Programs - Maria Lamarca
Treasurer - Ginnie Miller
Secretary - Barbara Mandula
Member Data - ....
Web Site Administrator - Sharon Chen
New Member Liaison - Phil Molin and Jacque Vail
Trip Coordinator -- ........
Nordic Patrol Lead - Ron Steingold
Nordic Patrol Assistant - ....

Awards and thanks at April Potluck

For those who have run the multi-day/weekend trips this season:
  • Kris Loodus
  • Bill Lawrence
  • Carol Kennedy
  • Richard Smethurst
  • Lynn Tucker
  • Russ Hamerly
  • George Whyel
  For recent special service to the Club:
  • Dean Payne - four years serving as Member Data Manager
  • Frank Koontz - three years serving as New Member Liaison
  • Kay Ishii -- several years running the Scottish Lakes trip and organizing our potluck events
  • Jean Davis - for many years of service, Jean was given a lifetime membership in WSTC and a lovely bouquet of flowers
    For running several day trips this season:
  • Deborah Dickstein
  • Jay Freidman
  • BJ Hedahl






Nordic Patrol Honor Roll

We offer our thanks and recognition to these WSTC members who volunteered this season with Nordic Patrol at Mt. Rainier National Park. And EXTRA recognition to Ron Steingold for coordinating Nordic Patrol weekends and working with the National Park Service Ranger.

Rebecca Agiewich

Chris Kudrna

Alek Peterson

Steve Berger

David May

Garrick Peterson

Karen Bertling

Ginnie Miller

Gilbert Peterson

Rozy Betz-Zall

Carol Miltimore

Grant Peterson

Robert Blumberg

Jim Miltimore

Bob Power

Judith Cederblom

Phillip Molin

Don Purdon

Deborah Dickstein

Mindy Nichols

Stan Rawrysz

Denis DuBois

Bruce Nikolai

Barry Shepherd

Tom Eckhout

Randy Nikolai

Glenn Solomon

Jeff Galant

Randy Oakley

Ron Steingold

Doug Gresham

Jennifer Osbourne

Dave Taylor

Linda Haglund


Jacquelyn Vail

James Hamaker


Chris Van Bemmel

Earl Hamilton


Bill Vanderwilt

Deborah Hammond


Dan Weinstein

Lisa Hertzog


Kenneth Wenzel

Phil Hertzog


Mason White

Sheila Hosner


Robert Woelk

Tom Jacobi


Ted Wood

John Kelly


Jim Wright


A message from Chris Hanson at Scottish Lakes High Camp

This past year I have been supported by the loving arms of the Scottish Lakes High Camp community. Hugs in the parking lot, special conversations as we drive up to High Camp, emails with fond memories of times with Don have sustained me through this incredibly difficult time. The spirit of High Camp is as strong as ever; this year has gone well for the business, staff and our guests. It is amidst all this love, goodwill and support that I have made the decision to sell Scottish Lakes High Camp.

I am in no hurry to move on. I believe new ownership will be best for Scottish Lakes in the long run and I am dedicated to take the time to find the right buyers for this incredible destination and community. Scottish Lakes High Camp has a life of its own beyond ownership of the business and I have been blessed to be a steward of this amazing place for the past 20 years. This has not been an easy decision for me, but it is the right one.



The Washington Ski Touring Club is a Seattle-based, recreation-oriented club of about 360 members who organize nordic classic, skate, telemark, and backcountry touring ski trips.  We also have a monthly meeting with interesting programs on equipment, tours, weather, ski destinations, etc. (October to May).

We love to ski and encourage you to join us!  Our monthly meetings and potluck events are open to all. However, much of our website such as Multi-Day Trips, Discussion Forums, Nordic Patrol,  Weekend Weather forecasts, and our Newsletter are open only to Members. 

Got Photos?

Do you have some trip or event photos you'd like to share? To add them to our Photo Pages, click on the arrow next to YOUR Name that is in the upper right corner of the home page. Click on Profile. When your Profile shows, one of the items is Website/Photo Albums. Take it from there - it's easy.